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I'm taking a break from packing and posting orders over the Christmas season from 19 December to 1 January, so any orders places within this time will take longer to arrive than normal. If you have any queries, do let me know.

I would like to say huge thanks to everyone who has supported me this year. It's been another tricky one of adjusting to the changing tides of work while trying to keep orders packed, commissions painted, emails answered, copyright infringements reported (if I see any more illegal embroidery kits or phone cases with my images on I'll scream) and somehow get the bills paid. 

This is a very personal issue, but one that has impacted my work: I have also been home educating my 6 year old since June because for various complex reasons school wasn't working out well for him. It's been an amazingly rewarding experience and while I'm not sure what the future holds in terms of formal or informal education for him, my priority is his welfare and happiness. Consequently, my work and energy levels have been severely compromised. And so has my ability to keep on top of the laundry...

Losing Blod was a huge blow in October. I still find it hard to write about, and getting back to painting cats afterwards was inevitably hard. Luckily the first painting I did after he died was the very joyful Sally (below) for a lovely long-time fan, which made for a much-needed uplifting experience.

For all the reasons above, I fell behind on commissioned paintings in 2019 and will be dedicating time in early 2020 to catch up. I will not be taking any more bookings for commissioned paintings until I know I'm definitely ready.

Meanwhile, 2020 will bring more licensing of my images to be made into products like prints, mugs, cards, bags etc that can be found in retail stores all over the world.  I hope this means that my artwork will reach more people and bring more joy. It will also mean that in the time I dedicate to my work I will be able to focus more on my passion for painting. I hope you like the outcome.

Best wishes

Kim x

Sally and her painting

Sally and her painting


  • Do you ever paint dogs on commission? I have beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

    Philippa Biddle on

  • Your talent for capturing the playfulness inside each cat is awesome. When I needed a seriously uplifting picture to share, I discovered your art. Thank you.

    Linda Ey on

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