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In the online shop on this website I mainly sell original paintings and limited runs of prints and products that aren't sold anywhere else. However, my artwork is currently being used on products produced and sold by the companies listed below. If you'd like to find out where the products are being sold in shops near you, please contact them directly for a list of retailers:

iCanvas - US-based wholesaler and retailer for high quality canvas prints in a range of sizes.

McLaggan Mugs - wholesaler and retailer of UK-made quality mugs

Puckator - British wholesaler for gift bags, travel mugs, cushion covers, coasters and other giftware. Puckator also interviewed me for a blog post, so if you'd like to find out more about me and my life at home, click here :)

Tomcat Cards - wholesaler and retailer for a huge range of cat art greetings cards

PDSA shops - the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals is selling some exclusive card designs featuring my artwork. All proceeds go to the charity!



  • I found these truly wonderful Kim Haskins’ prints on icanvas about 2 months ago and have purchased 13 Of them since. I have them at work and everyone simply loves them. They take pictures and videos to show their friends and families. I have had cats, 6 right now, all of my life (73 years) and have a ton of cat stuff, but these are, by far, the best of them all. I hope to keep buying more for my 2 kids’ families who have cats as well. Keep adding more of these adorable felines and I love that they are named…I’ve memorized them all!!

    Marsha LeBlanc on

  • Hello Sheri, Meredith and Laura :) Thanks so much for your comments! I really hope that 2020 is the year I manage to license more of my artworks to reputable companies and that the products become much more easily available in online and physical retail stores around the world. My canvas prints sold through Zulily are indeed legitimate – in light of all the copyright infringement problems I’ve been having it’s much appreciated when people check whether products with my artwork on are properly licensed by me. Your support means a huge amount! Kim x

    Kim Haskins on

  • Visited the Puckator website everything is out of stock 😑. Looks like someone needs to get busy. Love the grocery bags.

    Sheri Frattarelli on

  • Zulily has a print of Knickerbocker do you sell through them?

    Sheri Frattarelli on

  • Please start making bags and puzzles

    MEREDITH Quinn on

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