Daisy by Kim Haskins, 2024
Commissioned painting, acrylic on 12x16" canvas 


I am taking commissions on a short-term booking basis. This means that I'm only planning one or two months ahead at a time.

Doing commissions means such a lot to me as there's nothing I like more than creating a piece of joy for someone's household.

Please take a look at the general info blurb below (scroll down) regarding the process and prices (prices are listed in pounds sterling / GBP but feel free to use an online currency converter for a rough estimate as to the price in an alternative currency).

If you'd like to go ahead with a commission, please use the contact form on this website to make a request or to ask any questions that are unanswered in the info below. If I'm really busy I can't guarantee I'll be able to fit your painting in asap but if I have space coming up we can get started straight away. I'm afraid I can't schedule paintings for more than three months ahead at the moment. I'm doing this in an attempt to be more organised and avoid causing disappointment.

I'm eternally grateful for everyone's support of my work, and please do keep an eye out on my website and elsewhere for other products featuring my art that might take your fancy. 

If you'd like to just suggest content for my paintings instead of commissioning one, feel free to email me ideas, I'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes, Kim


Commission info

In the table of prices and sizes below you’ll see there's an option A with sketches and option B without sketches. The sketches allow me to share ideas with you for feedback, and I'll send the sketches along with the finished painting. The aim of me sharing sketches is to help us decide on the basic form of the painting, such as layout, scale and background colour; I will of course be paying close attention to finer details such as fur colouring and facial expressions in the final painting. 

If you choose to have sketches then you might prefer to wait to see them before deciding on painting dimensions.

Alternatively, some people prefer to be surprised by the finished painting without seeing sketches so option B works for them - in this case I just need to know the preferred size of canvas / board. 

For either option it can be useful for me to know any preferences for background colour or specific characteristics that I should know or that could help me with the painting. If you have any other questions or suggestions please let me know! You’re welcome to be as imaginative as you like.

You're welcome to suggest a size that isn't listed. The ones in the list are just some standard industry sizes.

The listed prices are a general guide and if a painting might require extra time, for example if there are lots of animals to paint, I might discuss a price that best reflects that. Canvas and board come in many more sizes than those in the table below so feel free to suggest one that isn’t mentioned.


Prices exclude P&P and I will offer the fairest price and most secure method for postage - this will be via a reputable courier. Small parcels can cost between £10 - £20 within the UK while larger ones can be anywhere between £25 - £100 depending on distance, size and weight. For a small charge I can sometimes deliver paintings myself if it’s within reasonable travel distance. Free collection from me in Bedford, UK, can also be arranged. 

Shipping to the USA is approximately $50 - $150 from small to larger paintings.

If you're not in the UK please let me know. Bear in mind that some countries have customs duties payable for goods over certain values. For example. no customs duty is payable for goods arriving into: the USA with a value under $800 USD; Australia with a value under $1000 AUD (at the time of writing; it's worth checking what's up to date where you live).

Booking your commission

If you’d like to go ahead and schedule your commission, please let me know as soon as possible. I will let you know if I have availability and your booking will be secured by a £100 non-refundable deposit. Payment details will be given via invoice on an email. The deposit will be deducted from the final balance, payable upon completion and satisfaction with the painting. I prefer payment via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque and can receive payment in certain other currencies. 

Sending photos to me

Whenever you're ready to send photos feel free to email them or use a dropbox service like WeTransfer - if you haven't used this before, go to We Transfer and use the free service (you don't need to sign up to use it, so click 'no thanks' on the first page). From there just follow the instructions to attach files and send them to me. You can also post copies of photos or a memory stick containing photos to me (I’m happy to return the memory stick!) If you get stuck with sending photos though don't hesitate to let me know as I'll be happy to help.

Large, high resolution files are preferable but I understand that this might not always be possible, especially when working from old, non-digital photos. This is where written descriptions can be particularly helpful :)

I hope this is helpful but if I’ve forgotten to mention something or if you have any questions please do get in touch.

Best regards


Prices and Size Guides

Commission prices 2022-23 Price in GBP (£)
Dimensions (these are standard canvas sizes as a guideline but other sizes are possible) OPTION A: Commission + sketches OPTION B: Commission no sketches
Small 8x8" / 20x20cm £445.00 £295.00
6.5x10.5" / 16x26cm £445.00 £295.00
8x10" / 20x25cm £480.00 £330.00
8x12" / 20x30cm / A4 £515.00 £365.00
12x12" / 30x30cm £575.00 £425.00
12x16" / 30x40cm /A3 £700.00 £550.00
16x16" / 40x40cm £780.00 £630.00
16x24" / 40x60cm £895.00 £745.00
24x24" / 60x60cm £995.00 £845.00
28x28" / 70x70cm £1,100.00 £950.00
30x30" / 75x75cm £1,215.00 £1,065.00
36x36" / 90x90cm £1,330.00 £1,180.00


Legal stuff about copyright:

I have to mention this bit! As the artist, I (Kim Haskins) own the copyright of sketches and the final image and therefore retain the right to use or license the image of the painting for reproduction purposes, such as for website use or for use on products like prints and greetings cards. Reproduction of artwork by Kim Haskins is not permitted without permission. Licensing of Kim Haskins artwork is arranged via