About Kim Haskins

Kim Haskins in her studio 2016     

Kim in the studio, 2016

Hello! I'm a painter / illustrator. The cat images came about by accident; I actually started out by painting funny-looking chickens. My style has evolved over the years and I've branched out into painting different animals as well as abstracts, funny-looking humans and still life paintings. Here's some blurb I borrowed from a gallery:

Kim’s joyful and idiosyncratic depictions of animals - particularly wild-eyed, fluffy cats and colourful, kooky birds - have found fame and collectors worldwide. Her paintings are displayed in galleries around the UK and her images are available as prints, greetings cards and other products.

Never one to shy from experimentation, she has also produced a series of delectable still life paintings featuring oozy jam doughnuts and sandwiches, and also produces large abstract paintings in which her love of brilliant colour and dynamic brush techniques as seen in many of her animal paintings are fully unleashed.

Kim was born in Hitchin, UK, and now lives in Bedfordshire with her partner and young son.

Keep up to date with my latest works and upcoming event details on Facebook.com/KimHaskinsArt and Instagram.com/KimHaskinsArt. If you'd like to know anything else just get in touch and I'll try to help! 

'Knickerbocker' 70 x 70cm, acrylic on board, 2014