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Gallery 2019

A look back at some of my artwork from 2019. 

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Patapoufette by Kim Haskins


Herman by Kim Haskins


Elsa by Kim Haskins


Jenny Pooh by Kim Haskins

Jenny Pooh

Elvis the cat by Kim Haskins


Rita's Bailey by Kim Haskins

Rita's Bailey 

Michele's Bailey

Michele's Bailey

Hendricks by Kim Haskins


Hope and Natalie by Kim Haskins

Hope and Natalie 

Sally by Kim Haskins


Marilyn and Ava by Kim Haskins

Marilyn and Ava

Penny and Tiger Marie by Kim Haskins 

Penny and Tiger Marie

Foggy by Kim Haskins


Mimi, Many and Dewey by Kim Haskins

Mimi, Many and Dewey

Caroline's Cats 

Caroline's Cats (I'm waiting for a better photo of it to put here!)

Alex and Mitka by Kim Haskins

Alex and Mitka

Small Grey Cat With Blue Eyes by Kim Haskins

Small Grey Cat With Blue Eyes

Ginger Kitten on Purple by Kim Haskins

Ginger Kitten on Purple

Bucky and Sully

Bucky and Sully

Romy, Michelle, Pea and Roxy by Kim Haskins

Romy, Michelle, Pea and Roxy

Milo and Archie by Kim Haskins

Flowery dog

Flowery Dog

If you've scrolled this far, thanks for looking! You can also check out some of my drawings held at the Brooklyn Art Library as part of 'The Sketchbook Project'. It's been digitised so you can view it online. Let me know if you visit my sketchbook in person!

Sketchbook page by Kim Haskins