Joyful creatures I created in 2020

Here's a video of cheerful art I made in a very weird year. I'd be delighted if my pictures bring you joy or inspire you to have a go at painting funny-looking animals too.

For reasons you can probably imagine, this was not a highly productive year for me. It's interesting to look at the paintings I did and notice that my subjects were mainly solitary creatures - there were no group paintings, so I guess my cats and birds were practising social distancing on the canvas. Unintentionally I also seemed to use a much broader palette of colours and created way more rainbow kitties than usual, perhaps inspired by the rainbow paintings hanging in windows around my neighbourhood.

I plan to be bolder with my art in 2021 and explore more subjects and techniques. Yes, that means more dogs! If patience and technology permit, I will also upload more videos of me doing these experiments as well as painting the crazy fluffy cats that have become my go-to comfort creations.

So please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media if you're interested in seeing more and do let me know if you plan any artistic experiments yourself as I'm always interested in hearing what other artists are up to (including and perhaps especially non-professionals).

Thanks to everyone who supports me and my work. The world would have a lot fewer paintings of sweet and bonkers-looking fluffy cats in it without you.

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Sending my sincerest best wishes to you for 2021.

Kim x

Cuddle Cats

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