'Sully and Bucky' and 'Twinkle' signed prints

Brand new and exclusive signed prints in two sizes are available to purchase via my awesome agents. Worldwide shipping available - find out how to order here.

Sully and Bucky Kim Haskins signed print
Twinkle signed print by Kim Haskins

Cheerful art made in a weird year

About me

For all licensing enquiries regarding my artwork please contact my agents at Lickerish: emma.carlsen@lickerishltd.com 

Hello, I'm a painter and illustrator from Bedford, UK and I'm most well-known for my images of cats. Painting them has become something of a compulsion and I've now spent over 10 years populating my world with an ever growing army of joyful, friendly, colourful and occasionally manic-looking creatures. The cat images came about by accident; I actually started out by painting odd-looking birds (which I still love to paint). My style has evolved over the years and I've branched out into painting and illustrating different subjects and styles. 

Other things about me: I am an animal lover (you probably gathered that already), I'm vegan (because I don't eat those I love), and I like it when my art helps raise money for animal rescue charities (notably via Paws With Claws Fundraising). 

More things: I have a young son and I'm obsessed with yoga. I'd also say I like gardening but actually what I really enjoy is composting because worms are cool too.

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Thanks for visiting! Kim x