Original art, prints & merchandise

Twinkle signed print by Kim Haskins


My rainbow fluffy stargazer is now for sale as the original painting and as signed prints.

Festive felines

Some of my recent artworks like this tuxedo cat in a poinsettia wreath (the original artwork is for sale) are featured on new merchandise like bags and lip balms, some of which is raising money for awesome animal rescues, too - find out more here.


Could you give one of my feathery friends a home? Birds bring me so much joy too! You can find out more about my recent paintings here and please don't hesitate to get in touch for further information. 

For anything more unusual, check out my Handmade Oddities section where you can find one-off and / or imperfect items. This is where you'll find my handpainted ornaments, too!

About me

For all licensing enquiries regarding my artwork please contact my agents at Lickerish: emma.carlsen@lickerishltd.com 

Hello, I'm a painter and illustrator from Bedford, UK and I'm most well-known for my images of cats. Painting them has become something of a compulsion and I've now spent over 10 years populating my world with an ever growing army of joyful, friendly, colourful and occasionally manic-looking creatures. The cat images came about by accident; I actually started out by painting odd-looking birds (which I still love to paint). My style has evolved over the years and I've branched out into painting and illustrating different subjects and styles. 

Other things about me: I am an animal lover (you probably gathered that already), I'm vegan (because I don't eat those I love), and I like it when my art helps raise money for animal rescue charities (notably via Paws With Claws Fundraising). 

More things: I have a young son and I'm obsessed with yoga. I'd also say I like gardening but actually what I really enjoy is composting because worms are cool too.

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Thanks for visiting! Kim x

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