Goodbye Blod

Posted by Kim Haskins on

I'm just too sad and still can't believe I'm typing this, but we've lost our beloved Blod very suddenly. 

Below is an excerpt for a recent interview I did for Puckator in which I spoke about him.

One of the heroes of Kim's paintings is none other than her own cat Blod, who shares a home with Kim, her husband Jake and their little boy Spike.

'Blod's markings make him look like he’s wearing a wonky tuxedo like James Bond after a night out. He’s a great cat - very companionable, and very patient with our son. And in a way he brought me and Jake together. Before we met, Jake had found Blod as a tiny kitten in a barn in Wales; when the owner of a nearby farmhouse offered to drown him, Jake knew that the kitten was his for life. I shared his blog post about finding the kitten, and then discovered that he had actually been following my artwork online!'

Jake and baby Blod (incidentally also the first photo I ever saw of Jake...)

Jake and big Blod

Oh Blod, you were the sweetest, most gentle cat I've ever known. I keep seeing you running up to me in the garden, feeling your warm lump of a body at the end of my bed, hearing you pawing at your food cupboard door, or bracing myself as you launch onto me and Jake for cuddles on the sofa. Spike misses playing with you. The house feels so empty without you. I'm sure you'll continue to appear in my drawings and paintings.

Rest in peace you lovely soul xxx



  • So very sorry for your loss.Just remember Blod loved his family and his family loved him,& Love Never Dies💕

    Angela on

  • Oh Kim, what a great loss.. it is heartbreaking, what a lovely inspiring little critter to love and cherrish.. my heart goes with you..

    Ines Giers on

  • You speak from the heart and it brings me to tears. Blod was more than a cat, he was you family and cherished companion. You’ve given each other a life time of love and those memories will comfort you in times ahead. He is forever in your heart as you are in his x

    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Gemma Long on

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