'Foggy' auction

Posted by Kim Haskins on

I am auctioning my painting of Foggy here - bidding ends at 19:00h UK time on November 2nd.

Foggy is a big, fluffy, friendly grey and white tuxedo cat with pale green eyes. In many ways he looks like my late beloved Blod, although Blod had a dark grey patch on his chin and had dense, short hair. The expectant facial expression looks very similar though! Foggy also looks very much like my grandparents' old cat, Smokey. I guess someone reading this might see a cat they know in the image, too!

The painting has an ethereal abstract background in a palette of warm greys and iridescent silver.

The edges are painted with a dusky pink colour that matches Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball.

The canvas measures 80cm x 100cm x 4cm. Painted in 2019 by me with acrylic paint then signed and varnished with a light gloss to protect the painting.

As it is a deep canvas it can be hung directly on a wall.

The painting has been signed and varnished since the first photo in this set was taken.

I hope someone can give this painting a loving home.



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