Ornaments made with resin, gold leaf and love ♥

Posted by Kim Haskins on


I've been experimenting with new techniques recently, including applying resin (a two-part epoxy resin system from Pebeo), gold leaf and enamel-effect paint to my artwork. In particular I've been trying out my experiments on ornaments (which had proved to be a huge success at Christmas so I've decided to continue making them year-round). Each is hand-painted by me onto a plywood or polymer shape which is then embellished with metal leaf, metallic paint, glitter and / or enamel-effect paint.




Rather than applying an acrylic varnish to the finished artwork (as I would normally with a painting), I have been experimenting with applying transparent glazing resin on the ornaments. This has resulted in varying degrees of successful outcomes: the application is a delicate process that can result in a sticky mess, but when dried it creates a beautiful glass-like and irresistibly tactile effect that adds eye-catching depth, gloss and durability that will ensure the object lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Each ornament is signed, titled and threaded with a tie so it’s ready to hang.

As I’m still in the novice stage of working with resin, you will notice that some of the reverse sides of the ornaments are a bit messy. So if you like the proper ‘handmade by an artist’ look you might appreciate this! However, I always ensure that the front side featuring the artwork looks as beautiful as possible.


I have more plans for developing the kinds of products I can create using these new techniques - it’s all a work in progress and I will reveal more in coming months!


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