Which is purrtiest?

Posted by Kim Haskins on

Over 100 people kindly offered their opinion on Facebook.com/KimHaskinsArt and Instagram.com/Haskins.Kim over which print of my painting 'Purrty' was most appealing to them: the one with punchy, bright colours or the one with soft pastel hues? Around 30% opted for the latter, which means that a print of 'Purrty' in her most vivid form will be trialled as a poster print and greetings card which will go on sale on the website on 20 June 2016.

The other image may be printed later in the year. 'Purrty' is originally a painting on gold leaf with a coating of resin over the top. This gives it a striking depth which shows up in the prints as the 'front' parts of the image are slightly more in focus than the background, resulting in a three-dimensional illusion.



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