RESERVED: Ornaments for CW

Kim Haskins Art

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**Reserved for CW**

Please check the photos - the resin curing marks are on all my ornaments but it's not very noticeable. However I think where it has appeared on the blue one might make it more noticeable at a specific angle. Just wanted to flag it up to you!

Handmade heart-shaped decoration painted by Kim Haskins with a clear protective resin coating and signed on the reverse. Each one is a completely unique mini artwork and is suitable for the festive period or even all year round.

Due to the handmade nature, imperfections such as unevenness in the coating where the resin has cured may be visible. I try to show these in the photos. I think the imperfections add to their uniqueness :)

Most of them feature high quality metallic and / or colour shifting paints - it's hard to demonstrate the eye-catchiness of these beautiful paints in the photos.

Acrylic on wood, approx. 10 x 10 cm.