Paintings (medium to large)

Detail of Cuddle Cats by Kim Haskins

Detail of Cuddle Cats (full image below) 590 x 420 x 20mm acrylic on canvas, £958

Welcome to my 2020 paintings collection

I'm delighted to share these paintings here, especially as it's been such a long time since I've had a large collection to offer. It's been an unsettling year to say the least but I've taken great pleasure in creating colourful characters that I hope bring joy and comfort to those who view them. If you're looking for smaller ones, take a look over here.

For all enquiries about availability, costs and how to purchase artworks please email Emma will get back to you as soon as possible (bear in mind it might take a bit longer out of 9 to 5ish UK hours, Monday to Friday).

The paintings are mostly on the medium to large size and dimensions are listed here. Paintings are unframed and listed prices do not include VAT (UK only) or shipping costs. Ask Emma if you'd like a total quote.

All paintings are signed by me, Kim Haskins (even if the images featured here don't show a signature, the originals do have them).

I've given a lot of love to these paintings and I hope they make you smile.

Moustachou by Kim Haskins


400 x 400mm acrylic on board, £695



510 x 405mm acrylic on canvas board, SOLD

Cuddle Cats

Cuddle Cats 

590 x 420 x 20mm acrylic on canvas, £958


400 x 400mm acrylic on canvas board, £695

White cat in festive wreath by Kim Haskins

White Cat in Festive Wreath SOLD
561 x 420mm acrylic on fine art paper

Tuxedo Cat in Festive Poinsettia Wreath
561 x 420mm acrylic on fine art paper, £675
Black Cat in Rose Wreath
Black Cat In Festive Rose Wreath
561 x 420mm acrylic on fine art paper, £ 675
Merry Christmouse
Merry Christmouse
561 x 420mm acrylic on fine art paper, £ 675
Pixie by Kim Haskins
Pixie SOLD
300 x 200mm acrylic on board
Long tailed tit by Kim Haskins
Long Tailed Tit
600 x 600mm acrylic on board, £1,100
Pink and Green Bird by Kim Haskins
Pink and Green Bird
600 x 600 x 20mm acrylic on canvas, £1,100
300 x 300mm acrylic on board, £542
Mistigris by Kim Haskins
Mistigris SOLD
200 x 200mm acrylic on board
Heart Candy Cat by Kim Haskins
Heart Candy Cat
300 x 300 x 20mm acrylic on heart-shaped canvas, £542