Donating to Charity

Poppy's Field by Kim Haskins. Dedicated to Poppy-Mai Barnard
Poppy's Field by Kim Haskins
Gold leaf and acrylic on box canvas
Donated to Poppy's Trust in 2016
Occasionally I donate artwork and other products to auctions and raffles that raise funds for charity. Not only does it feel heartwarming to know that my art can help raise awareness and money for good causes, but also I believe it's fundamentally important to give out of compassion and kindness towards others in need when possible.
As you might imagine, I frequently receive emails and Facebook messages from all kinds of extremely worthy causes soliciting donations of my artwork or other merchandise. However, I can only make donations when I have the freedom of time and economy to do so. My work schedule is currently very full.
I understand that fundraising can be a tough business at times, so if you're fundraising for a particular cause and looking for a donation from me, I'm happy to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch using the contact form on this website. It would be useful if you could tell me in detail what you are fundraising for and how you would anticipate using my artwork to help you. 
I try my best to respond to all emails, but please don't feel rejected if I'm unable to donate anything to your cause straight away. Instead, I will wish you the very best and keep you in mind for when I'm in a better position to help.
Warm regards