RSPB art show - 12 June

May 26, 2016

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Rest in peace, Poppy-Mai

May 04, 2016

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Abington & Augustina

April 22, 2016 2 Comments

This was a commissioned painting inspired by an older painting of mine called 'Can I Help You?'

Abington and Augustina by Kim Haskins Can I Help You? by Kim Haskins

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Poppy's Field

March 30, 2016

This painting is called ‘Poppy’s Field’ and is a gift from me to the parents of a little girl called Poppy Mai who is battling against an extremely rare and devastating form of cancer:

Poppy's Field by Kim Haskins. Dedicated to Poppy-Mai Barnard


Poppy-Mai Poppy-Mai

The painting measures 6x4” and features a fluffy white kitten with bright blue eyes (like Poppy-Mai’s) sitting in a field of pink poppies against a gold leaf background. I’ve also given it a glossy clear resin coating that makes the colours and textures even more vivid.


Prints of 'Poppy's Field' are now on sale - click here to buy one now and help raise funds for charities that help children and teens with cancer.

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Four cats - Barisha, Fabergé, Bagheera & Chocolate

March 07, 2016

After a tedious month-long flu-athon in our house, I was itching to get back to the easel and start work on this 30 x 30" commissioned painting of Barisha, Fabergé, Chocolate and Bagheera. I used metallic colours and a shimmery silver background, which prettily catches the light and, I think, does justice to these beautiful and much-loved felines. With thanks to Sarah who commissioned this painting...

Barisha, Febergé, Bagheera and Chocolate - commissioned painting of four cats by Kim Haskins

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Ornaments made with resin, gold leaf and love ♥

February 02, 2016

Elska ornament by Kim Haskins Cariad ornament by Kim Haskins

I've been experimenting with new techniques recently, including applying resin (a two-part epoxy resin system from Pebeo), gold leaf and enamel-effect paint to my artwork. In particular I've been trying out my experiments on ornaments (which had proved to be a huge success at Christmas so I've decided to continue making them year-round). Each is hand-painted by me onto a plywood or polymer shape which is then embellished with metal leaf, metallic paint, glitter and / or enamel-effect paint...


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My first Blod post (WARNING: includes very cute kitten photos)

December 24, 2015

Blod the cat

A heartwarming story of a rescued kitten and, er, love. Aaaaah.

I know this sounds unlikely considering my most well-known artwork is feline-centric, but I have been catless for four years (mainly due to me moving home a tiresome six times, which meant rehoming a ragdoll, tonkinese and maine coon for their own benefit in that period).

However, last week a cat named Blod came to live with us. Even though he's our 'new' cat, his history bears an important role in the making our household. In fact, Blod was the catalyst (no pun intended, although it's quite pleasing) for the union between me and my other half, Jake. This is our love story in brief: I had been following Jake's work as a comedy writer and broadcaster for some years when he wrote a blog post about a kitten he'd just rescued. Like any normal-hearted human I was charmed by the story, and shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter (I have since cut my twitty ties so please don't waste time trying to look me up on there). Jake noticed that I'd been helping to spread the story and, so he says, my artwork had caught his eye too. Quickly we turned from mutual admirers to tweeting each other, then phoning each other, then... Well, we got together, hit it off and made a baby. Yeah, that's really brief, but if you ever meet me for coffee I'll happily share the fuller story...

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Santa cat lookalike

December 22, 2015

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Hand-painted Christmas decorations

November 06, 2015

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Keep an eye out for dodgy products

November 02, 2015

Friends and comrades, I need you to be web and shop vigilantes for me. Recently a number of dodgy-looking products featuring my artwork have appeared on Amazon, eBay and other websites. I wouldn't have spotted these had it not been for a couple of WONDERFUL eagle-eyed fans / customers. Amazon and eBay take this very seriously and take immediate action against anyone selling goods that infringe copyright laws. Any use of my artwork without my permission must be reported as it's illegal.

You will be rewarded if you spot any products in shops or online that I haven't seen already!

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Fluffy, happy cat paintings by kids in Russia

October 20, 2015

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New look website

October 01, 2015

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