Art theft: 'You're Purrfect'

Posted by Kim Haskins on

Here a two similar, commonly-stolen artworks. Both are entitled 'You're Purrfect' but one has a red heart and the other has a black heart on it. I created both in 2012. They are most commonly copied (without my permission) for use on mobile phone covers and cushions and sold via Alibaba and Aliexpress. From there, these products are found in retailers around the world, but I have seen most of them on Facebook, eBay and Etsy.

If you see any products featuring these artworks please inform the retailer that the products infringe the copyright of Kim Haskins and that you will be reporting them to me. I am following legal advice and will take action against those who fail to remove these products from their shops. Many thanks!

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  • I think this drawing is just too darn adorable. <3 Can I share it to a facebook page for laughs or is that illegal too? I wouldn’t be making any money off it.

    Roxana Perez on

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