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Copyright infringement on Amazon

Posted by Kim Haskins on

Some of the following images are featured illegally on products (mainly cross stitch kits) currently being sold on Amazon, and I am attempting to report them. Excuse the watermarks - they're just for proof of ownership on this blog post: Posie and Domino Charlie Flash Mog Multicoloured Purrenting by Kim Haskins, 2012 Knickerbocker by Kim Haskins, 2014 Seacat by Kim Haskins, 2011 Godzilla by Kim Haskins (pictured here as a signed print) 2012 Bess and Boots by Kim Haskins, 2014 Butch by Kim Haskins, 2011 Plum by Kim Haskins, 2012 Foss by Kim Haskins, 2011  Spartacus by Kim Haskins, 2012 Felines For You Ginger Family of Fur Maisie...

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