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A special virtual, non-touching hug to you all.

Being a natural self-isolator at the best of times, I will carry on painting regardless. In order to keep my loved ones and community safe as best I can, I will be spending more time at home and less time out and about for the foreseeable. I have close relatives and neighbours who are either elderly or have immune-compromising illnesses and at the very least I’d like to be healthy enough to look out for them if they’re in isolation. 

This means I will not be able to get to post offices as easily or as often, but I will be able to book courier collections and delivery for higher-value items, ie paintings. I understand that couriers are practising ‘distancing’ methods when receiving and delivering parcels in an attempt to keep all parties safe. 

So here’s what’s happening on until further notice: 

Original artworks will remain for sale, and with the extra time spent at home I will no doubt be painting many more than usual, so keep an eye out! 

The following items will no longer be sold on from Saturday 21 March onwards until the situation changes, so please place your orders ASAP:


Cushion covers - these are low in stock and won’t be replaced once they run out!


Kim and mini rainbow cat painting

Don’t forget you can also buy products featuring my artwork from the following online stores, too (unless the situation changes for them):

The Kim Haskins range at the PDSA - products raising money for the UK's leading veterinary charity.

Tomcat Cards - UK-based wholesaler and retailer for a huge range of cat art greetings cards

iCanvas - high quality canvas prints made in the USA 

I am working on a range of limited edition prints made in the UK, and whenever I get more details about these I'll let you know.

Many charities and small businesses will really suffer during the virus outbreak, so please do continue to offer your support where possible during this unusual time.

Other than that, I hope you’ll join me in being a bit more ‘cat’ from now on: stay close to home, be wary of strangers*, and if you run out of loo roll… Hmm, maybe I won’t go there. 

Love, Kim x

PS: my other half Jake Yapp has a long career background mainly at the BBC as a comedy writer and broadcaster. He’s currently working crazy hours to create a couple of joyful daily podcasts that you might be interested in, especially if you’re looking for something warm-hearted and funny to listen to as a break to all the gloomy news. They certainly keep me going when I'm painting. They are:

Not Today, Thank You (topical, UK-based satire) 

Date Fight (Things that happened on this day in history, with a sort of competitive twist)

* By which I really mean be nice but keep your distance, of course! I've had cats that really weren't nice to strangers and I don't recommend hissing at anyone like she used to do.


  • Quit selling out! I can’t get my favorites! ❤️

    Sandra Niedzialek on

  • I love your work! It’s so popular it sells out before I can get my choice! Make more!!!

    Sandra Niedzialek on

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