Gallery of art theft no.1

July 21, 2016 2 Comments

These screenshots aim to demonstrate some products for sale on the internet that illegally feature my artwork without my consent. Most of these products have been sourced from Alibaba.

Since I believe that most retailers buy products in good faith, I will not feature a retailer's name unless I have already asked them to remove the products and they haven't done so (or if they've been rude to me).


Speaking of which, the image above is from the website of a company called Meow Is Now who have been politely asked to take down the products, but they have blocked my messages and refused to remove the products from their website. Nice! Avoid this unfriendly and dishonest company! By the way, the cushions they feature have my trademarked signature on them - here is some information about the sale of products you realise or even don't realise are counterfeit.


Above: 'You're Purrfect' plus a gallery of my other black and white ink images reproduced on cushions and sold via Alibaba



Above: More thievery from Alibaba


Above: My 'You're Purrfect' image is featured on a mobile phone cover. Presumably the designs by other artists have been stolen too... I've contacted the retailer but am yet to receive a reply. If I don't hear back from them I'll name and shame them.

If you're an artist and you'd like to share your story or images of your artwork being used in a similar way I'd love to hear from you.

Theft of artwork is not a victimless crime. I will keep adding to this gallery when I get time.

Please share!

Many thanks, Kim

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Kim Haskins
Kim Haskins

April 23, 2017

Hello Sherrie

Thank you so much for your support and comments, they’re much appreciated! DACS is helping me hugely in clearing up copyright issues and I’m glad you contacted them. Hopefully they’ll get in touch with you soon to explain how the license process works.

You sound very talented and I admire your patience in converting patterns by hand!

Best wishes

Sherrie Villamil
Sherrie Villamil

April 20, 2017

Hi Kim,
I just read your post regarding art theft on Amazon. Mainly in cross stitch kits. I am sorry that this happened. It is a crime and those involved should be punished.
I have been in the needle art industry for 22 years. I worked at a cross stitch design and publishing company for 15 years and one of our biggest challenges was that people would share our patterns in groups. Sometimes these groups would have well over 300 people. You can just imagine what that did to our sales.
Ironically, earlier this evening, I applied at DACS to obtain licensing for your art to create cross stitch kits. Sadly, after reading your blog post, I am not sure you will be too keen on the idea.
I must assure you that I am a professional and I convert art from beginning to end by hand. I do not just plug it into a program and let the computer do the work. That is what these thieves do. It is despicable.
Here is to hoping that you are able to shut them down. Your work is wonderful and it would be an Injustice for you to suffer losses at the hands of these people.

Kindest Regards,
Sherrie Villamil

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