Copyright infringement on eBay

October 11, 2016

Images of some of my paintings are being used on products like embroidery kits that are being sold on websites such as eBay. I'm currently trying to report some of the illegal use of these images to eBay and Alibaba.

Keep an eye out for the following images (sorry about the obtrusive watermarks - some of the image files had to be watermarked for reporting copyright infringement to Alibaba) and please report website links to me if you see them on products:


Purrfect Christmas / Perfect Christmas

Two Blues



Zala and Mau Mau


Can I Help You? 2012

Knickerbocker 2014

You're Purrfect 2013

Flash Mog AKA Mog Rule

Oumia 2012

Seacat 2010

Golem 2011

Foss 2012

Bonnington 2012

Newton 2012

Furrever Friends 2012

Loving Feline 2012

Purrental 2012

Meet The Purrents 2011

Goliath 2012

Liberty 2012


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