Pastel rainbow cat on copper leaf - ornament

A beautiful fluffy cat in ethereal blues and pinks on a copper leaf background.

This is a mini original artwork by Kim Haskins for the festive season, or to hang all year round.

Each heart-shaped ornament is completely unique.

They are made from 3mm thick plywood and measure approximately 10 x 10cm / 4 x 4".

These are truly handmade, so there may be imperfections. These can include tiny air bubbles, my finger prints or the reverse might look a bit messy (or 'artistic', depending on how you look at it!) I don't think these attributes affect the charm and quality of the ornaments, I just wanted to mention it. The photos depict the ornaments accurately.

Each is hand-painted and signed by me. Then they are coated with glossy transparent resin that requires a minimum 24-hour drying time for a highly tactile and eye-catching finishing touch.

Delivery will be via a signed-for service.

Regretfully, due to lack of time I'm not taking commission orders for ornaments this year. I hope you find one you like here though!