'Flash Mog - Mini' original artwork

This is an original painting in black ink on heavyweight paper. I painted it in 2013 and it has been living in my home ever since.

It's also a little piece of Kim Haskins art history as the image is quite famous for having been reproduced many times on greetings cards, prints and other products. Its bigger brother is Flash Mog, a much larger painting on A2 paper which lives in my home.

Flash Mog - Mini measures approximately 37.5cm x 56cm and is currently unsigned but I can either sign it on the reverse or in the bottom right hand corner (if you purchase it please email me afterwards to let me know if you have a preference).

Due to this being an original artwork, this is not a 'flat' image like a piece created on a computer. For example, there may be parts where you notice discolouration on the paper, my scribbles, and certainly my inky brushstrokes. I hope it's enjoyed for all its uniqueness.

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