Cat heart magnets

Hand-painted heart-shaped magnets that are very eye-catching and tactile.

Each wooden heart measures approximately 4 x 4cm / 1.5 x 1.5" and has a signed backing with a round magnet firmly attached. The front is either painted, painted and coated with glitter or gilded with gold, silver or copper leaf under clear resin. Then it is painted with a unique cat face and finished with either another coat of glossy resin (for a smooth touch) or varnish (so you can feel the brushstrokes).

As with all my handmade items, there may be imperfections in the finish, such as tiny bubbles in the resin or an uneven surface. Hopefully you'll agree that these add to their uniqueness and charm :)

I meant to list these for sale on the website in December 2019 but I ran out of time - that's why they're signed '2019'.

Choose your design from the drop-down menu below.


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