'Black Cat on Pinkest Pink' painting 18x18cm

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This black fluffy cat has been painted on a canvas coated with the famous 'Pinkest Pink' paint by Stuart Semple. It's ultra pink; in fact it's so pink that neither my scanner, camera nor your screen can register it. I've tried my best to display the painting as best I can in the photos however you'll have to take my word for it that it's very pink!

It also has a pleasant fragrance that's like candy. This will probably fade over time but hopefully by the time you receive it you can still sniff it for yourself :)

If you'd like to rename this painting (such as with the name of your cat) just drop me an email once you've purchased it and I'll write the title on the back before sending: hello@kimhaskinsart.com

An original painting in acrylic on 6x6" / 18x18cm shallow canvas.

Signed on the front, edge and reverse.

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