Winning Beer and cat rescues

Posted by Kim Haskins on

This is Beer, a dearly departed cat who lived with his wonderful owner and cat-rescuer Anneke Laarhuis in The Netherlands ('Beer' means 'bear' in Dutch):

Anneke was the winner of the competition I ran a few months ago to raise awareness of copyright infringement of my work. The first prize was a mini portrait of a cat. It was lovely to honour the memory of Beer who was, according to Anneke, "a loving,  fluffy, funny, stubborn, outgoing and wonderful kitty. He could make everyone smile and was great company."

What's more, Anneke is a board member of George Animal Foundation. The foundation supports the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), in Cairo, Egypt by taking abused and neglected cats (and the occasional dog) to the Netherlands and Belgium for adoption. The foundation also financially supports the ESMA shelters whenever possible. 

If you'd like to see more of the work carried out by Anneke and her colleagues at the George Animal Foundation, take a look at the Facebook page.


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