Walmart products violate my artwork

January 30, 2018

I see websites selling illegal products featuring my artwork (and other artists' artwork) all the time, and I try to take action as much as I can without it impacting my business and sanity too much. But for some reason, seeing them for sale by Walmart was especially depressing today. My signature has even been removed from the image used for this embroidery kit :'(

There are a few for sale on Walmart's website, and I've reported them so hopefully they'll be removed soon. This item shows my painting of Godzilla from 2012 (below).

The painting in this next listing is Newton and the original actually hangs in my house (photo below of it being admired by Blod):

I can't afford high legal fees and if I concentrate too much time on it I won't have enough time to continue running my business. So what can you do to help? Tell all your cat-loving friends to be wary of products they buy on the internet such as embroidery kits, cushion covers, mobile phone covers, painting kits etc, particularly if it looks like uncredited artwork. 

You could also help me by buying a print or an officially-licensed product from Tomcat Cards or McLaggan mugs.

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