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My first Blod post (WARNING: includes very cute kitten photos)

Posted by Kim Haskins on

Blod the cat

A heartwarming story of a rescued kitten and, er, love. Aaaaah.

I know this sounds unlikely considering my most well-known artwork is feline-centric, but I have been catless for four years (mainly due to me moving home a tiresome six times, which meant rehoming a ragdoll, tonkinese and maine coon for their own benefit in that period).

However, last week a cat named Blod came to live with us. Even though he's our 'new' cat, his history bears an important role in the making our household. In fact, Blod was the catalyst (no pun intended, although it's quite pleasing) for the union between me and my other half, Jake. This is our love story in brief: I had been following Jake's work as a comedy writer and broadcaster for some years when he wrote a blog post about a kitten he'd just rescued. Like any normal-hearted human I was charmed by the story, and shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter (I have since cut my twitty ties so please don't waste time trying to look me up on there). Jake noticed that I'd been helping to spread the story and, so he says, my artwork had caught his eye too. Quickly we turned from mutual admirers to tweeting each other, then phoning each other, then... Well, we got together, hit it off and made a baby. Yeah, that's really brief, but if you ever meet me for coffee I'll happily share the fuller story...

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