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Competition time!

Posted by Kim Haskins on

Left: Tortie - 5.5cm x 7.5cm excluding frame. Acrylic on board.Middle: Indie - 10cm x 15cm. Acrylic on canvas.Right: Silver seal point on heart-shaped ornament. Acrylic on wood with transparent resin coating. 1st Prize One winner will receive: Either a small painting or a handpainted heart-shaped ornament by me of a cat of your choice (like the images above. I will request a couple of photos to work from); Two limited edition, screen-printed cushion covers of You're Purrfect and Loving Feline; A copy of 365 Meow, featuring cat paintings from international artists, including me. It's described as a calendar, but it's really just a nice book of cat art and interesting...

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