Green Ribbon

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This is in support of my Russian friends who are taking a stand against war and facing a social media restrictions preventing them from accessing and sharing news that isn't endorsed by their government, in turn damaging lives and livelihoods.

Of course this is also a token of love to my Ukrainian friends who are bravely taking a stand against aggression, staying inside a warzone to protect humans and animals, and those fleeing home to seek refuge in other countries.

I've gained so many friends and supporters in both countries over the years and I'm thinking of everyone affected by the oppression and conflict.

It's all bloody awful and I'm wishing for peace and friendship everywhere.

'Zelenaya Lenta'
„зеленая лента“
„зелена стрічка

Green Ribbon Zelenaya Lenta cat painting by Kim Haskins

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  • I love so many of your brilliant works of art, but all my favourites are sold out.

    Bette on

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