Bid to win a handmade festive ornament

November 09, 2018

I'm continuing my annual tradition of making and selling hand-painted ornaments for the festive season. Of course, they can be hung all year round if you like!

They are painted onto plywood shapes and coated with glossy epoxy resin for an eye-catching and durable finish.

Since I’ve always found it hard to price these ornaments, I’ve decided to auction them instead this year. It will also help more people get a chance to see and purchase them as they tend to get snapped up quickly, and in previous years I’ve felt bad for people who miss out due to being at work or in different time zones at the time I list them on my website.

So the first batch of ornaments will be sold by me on eBay as KimHaskinsArt from Sunday 11 November at 12:00h GMT. The auctions will run for 7 days and be open to worldwide bidders. I’ll be listing more between then and Christmas too so keep checking eBay as hopefully there will be plenty of opportunity to have a bid if you’re interested 😺 


Silver point cat on blue sparkle

Black cat on red sparkle

Black and white cat on pink satin

Chocolate point cat on silver leaf

Tuxedo cat gang

Brown tabby on silver sparkle

Blue cat on pink sparkle

Tabby on bright pink

Ginger fluff on purple

Green goddess cat on copper








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