Keep an eye out for dodgy products

Friends and comrades, I need you to be web and shop vigilantes for me. Recently a number of dodgy-looking products featuring my artwork have appeared on Amazon, eBay and other websites. I wouldn't have spotted these had it not been for a couple of WONDERFUL eagle-eyed fans / customers. Amazon and eBay take this very seriously and take immediate action against anyone selling goods that infringe copyright laws. Any use of my artwork without my permission must be reported as it's illegal.

You will be rewarded if you spot any products in shops or online that I haven't seen already!

I try to ensure that photos I upload of my images are of small enough resolution that they won't be of reproduction value, however that doesn't stop some sneaky rip-off merchants making poor quality reproductions of my work for their own gain. I don't want to stop sharing my artwork online or to have to watermark it.

The bottom line is that I want people to enjoy my work and share it with friends but I also need to make a living from it, so like any other artist I should receive royalties and image license fees where they're due.

I and the image licensors and art publishers that I work with ensure that any products that feature my artwork are of the highest quality. Also, I know exactly which images are licensed and which aren't. Regardless, I own the copyright to all my artwork. So if a product looks dodgy to you, it probably is.

The love and support from my art admirers and customers are what make me continue with my work. I respect and value you lot immensely. I adore making people smile with my work, and I'm proud of making good relationships with customers, some of whom have crossed over into the realm of friendship.

However, when it comes to finance I have to work part-time as I have a young son and I'm not exactly able to lord it up on the income I make. So I can't afford to lose any time or money involved with reporting people cashing in illegally on my hard work and dedication.

BY THE WAY, I think it's absolutely wonderful when people send me pictures of paintings and drawings that they or kids have done in the style of my artwork. It's really nice to inspire creativity in others, particularly kids. So please do share those photos with me and let me know if I can put them on my website / FB page. I treasure fan art very much. Basically, as long as you don't copy my paintings and sell them either under my name or pass off my original ideas as your own everything is just dandy.

THANK YOU! Love Kim xxx

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