Poppy's Field

This painting is called ‘Poppy’s Field’ and is a gift from me to the parents of a little girl called Poppy Mai who is battling against an extremely rare and devastating form of cancer:

Poppy's Field by Kim Haskins. Dedicated to Poppy-Mai Barnard


Poppy-Mai Poppy-Mai

The painting measures 6x4” and features a fluffy white kitten with bright blue eyes (like Poppy-Mai’s) sitting in a field of pink poppies against a gold leaf background. I’ve also given it a glossy clear resin coating that makes the colours and textures even more vivid.

Prints of 'Poppy's Field' are now on sale - click here to buy one now and help raise funds for charities that help children and teens with cancer.


From Poppy-Mai’s father, Andy:

 “Having been given the devastating news that Poppy-Mai, at 16 months old, had been diagnosed with a Progress Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour that had spread around her body and into the brain, it sent shockwaves through our lives. Our world was turned upside down in a matter of weeks; initially Poppy-Mai's cancer was suspected to be a Wilms Tumour but after a biopsy it was revealed to be a Rare Rhabdoid Tumour. Apparently it is more likely to be struck by lightning three times than be struck down with this cancer. Poppy-Mai has endured the worst last few weeks of her short life by being violently sick, pressure increasing in her head, rapid weight loss, hair loss, appetite loss, very little energy and the inability to communicate properly. It's broken our hearts to see our baby Princess like this. I dread every new day as it brings us a day closer to Poppy-Mai falling asleep. Her brothers Rylee (6) and Jenson-Jay (4) took the news badly. It's one thing knowing that your baby will soon be with the angels but is another when you have to plan your baby's funeral while they're in your arms.

I've always had a dream to own a nice secluded field where I could set up my own campsite and now I’d like to build a sanctuary where sick children can stay with their family in their need of respite. Each hut will named after my children.

I am also aiming to set up the Poppy-Mai Trust for children with rare cancers and help raise awareness for the smaller charities involved that make this journey a bit more comfortable.”

 You can donate directly here

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